More Resources

Here are some resources that will help!

Click on the links below for specific resource websites.



BOOKS for Parents

Life isn't Binary


BOOKS for Youth

All I want to be is me

It feels good to be yourself

Stacey's not a girl

Too bright to see

When Aiden became a big brother

Who Are You?


Eating and Nutrition

All Gender Nutrition

Body Trust Project

Emily's Balanced Table

Nutrition with Naia 



My Pronouns

Trans 101


Grants and Resources for Surgery


Go Fund Me

Jim Collins Foundation

Point of Pride


Kids with Trans Parents



Partners of Trans People

Workbook for Partners


Sperm Banking

The Sperm Bank of Ca

Surgery Info

FtM Surgery info

MtF Surgery info

Surgeons and BMI concerns

Top Surgeons National search


Trans Healthcare

WPATH Standards of Care Vol 7


Virtual Support Groups

American Trans Resource Hub

Brave Space

Facebook Parent Support **need FB account to participate

Frederick Center

Gender Spectrum

Trans-Cendence International Inc.


Voice Training

Jordan Ross Communication

Trans Voice Training